The following documents are to be produced before admission

1. Mark Sheet & Admit Cards (both in original) of the previous qualifying Final Examination.

2. A letter from the guardian or legal guardian when student will not live with her parents.

3. Candidates coming from other University Board or students with a break of study etc. should ascertain their eligibility from the University before registering their admission.

4. Transfer Certificate , when a student is from another College and Migration Certificate when a student is from another Board/University , is to be produced at the time of admission.

5. Student coming from outside Kolkata should take particular care in stating their home address , Telephone no, if any ,and railway station.

6. Original documents required to be produced for inspection are to be taken back by the candidates unless otherwise so directed by the College authority. Entries in the form cannot be charged or expunged after admission.

7. Prompt action should be taken to regularize provisional admission cases.

8. Admission rules in all cases and undertaking on the part of the students, must be undershood as applicable for the full course and for all disciplines taught in the college.

9. Any charge of residence must be communicated to the Principal at the earliest convenience of the student.