Special Information For New Students

1. The exact date of commencement of lectures to new classes will be announced in the local Newspaper. New students are advised to come a day earlier to be college office to ascertain their Section, Roll Numbers and Class routine.

2. Library Cards are generally issued after the commencement of the Classes. FEE BOOKS are to be produced at the time when such cards are issued. Loss of cards must be reported immediately; otherwise the student concerned will be responsible for books issued against their cards.

3. Money Order, insured covers and registered letters are not accepted on behalf of students by the college

4. Cheques are not accepted from students, nor any insured covers addressed to the college. Payment should always be made in cash and at the cash counter only and against receipt in the proper printed form duly stamped with the College Seal.

5. A student’s ID card with the photo and necessary information regarding the student concerned is issued to all students of the college. Every student must carry it whenever she comes to college or to any function arrange by the college outside the premises. The loss of the ID card must be immediately reported.

6. THE FEES BOOK and the Identity Cards must be produced on all occasions when identification is necessary. It is to be produced (along with receipt, counterfoil etc. as required) when college Annual function is held and Certificates, Admit Cards, Mark Sheets, Sports coupons etc. are distributed by the College . Loss of FEES BOOK (or Identity Card) must be immediately reported.

7. Students are supposed to have studied carefully the rules of the College and they are under all circumstances bound by them. Ignorance of such rules will not be considered a valid excuse.

8. College hours : Classes are usually held from 6-15 a.m. to 11-30 a.m. and for 4 months in winter from 6-45 a.m. to 11-30     a.m.

9. Attendance :In order to be eligible for being sent up for a University Examination , a student must fulfil the provision of     University Regulation regarding attendance at lectures as detailed below :

    (i) No student shall be considered to have prosecuted a relar cource of study in any subject for any examination of the C.U.     unless she attended at least 75% of the total lectures delivered.

    (ii) A consideration fee od Rs.100/- is charged by the University from each student in whose case the deficiency in     attendance is within the condonable limit i.e. minimum 60% of the lectures delivered.