The academic departments of the college regularly organise Seminars, workshops for the academic enrichments of the Students and Teachers throughout the year such programmes are undertaken and nationally as well as internationally acclaimed academicians, research Scholars are invited in such programmes. Generally the UGC and distinguished academic bodies act as sponsors of such seminars. In 2016 Department of Economics, Geography have organised such programmes on relevant issues of research and academic interest. Teachers and Students of the College as well as from other academic institutions take part in such programmes. A print out of the Seminar proceedings are published once the Seminar is over.


The department of Geography has organised a UGC sponsored seminar on 5th September.  The title of the seminar was “Women Empowerment: A Third World Perspective”. Speakers from all over the country participated and presented papers. Students also presented paper on this seminar.


Upcoming Seminar: In December, a UGC sponsored seminar will be held organised by English, History, Political Science and Women’s Studies department. Title of the Seminar is “Gender as Perspective: Reflection on Different Discipines”