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SivanathSastri College is a premier girls College in the heart of South Calcutta is the morning section of South City College known for its peaceful and healthy academic environment where girls’ students from diverse segments of society take admission to receive quality education in Science, Arts and Commerce streams. The College was founded in 1955 and is affiliated to the University of Calcutta. The success story of the College can be measured from the consistent excellent performance of its students in the examinations conducted by the University of Calcutta and other professional bodies. A number of its students are now placed in respectable posts across corporate to academic bodies. With a dedicated body of faculties, administrative and office staff, well stocked libraries with digital support services and well equipped labs the College is in relentless endeavor to fulfill the needs of the students in a rapidly changing world ensuring that its students excel in professional life and can uphold high moral values of life. The USP of the college is its vibrant campus where the academic activities and cultural events make the campus life memorable. I wish the college will prosper in every respect.

Dr. Runa Biswas


Sivanath Sastri College