As an extended part of the nineteenth century Brahmo educational movement Sivanath Sastri College strives to provide quality education to women. The library of the college grew out of the great heritage and lives upto the ideal set forth in the teachings of the great pioneer of women’s emancipation Pandit Sivanath Sastri. Hard pressed for space and manpower the library works against all odds to see young minds bloom, to assist in igniting flames of knowledge, it grows to help the community to grow.


The library has a good collection of books on all subjects taught in the college as well as on related subjects. The library has five separate units: 1) Central library 2) Honours Seminar library 3) Staff-room library 4) Departmental library of Geography 5) Departmental library of Botany. All categories of users can borrow books from the Central library, but access to the Honours Seminar library is restricted to the Honours students and the teachers. Staff-room library is for class room reference and the departmental libraries are for the teachers and the students of the respective departments. Apart from the books acquired under college grant and UGC grant there is a small collection of books donated by the users and well wishers named ‘ Prafulla Chandra Roy Text Book Library ‘

Salient features:

1) The library has a collection of more than 39000 books.

2) The library has a small collection of conventional reference books.

3) At present the library can be called a semi computerized library. Only daily transaction of books is done manually.

4) Computerised cataloguing started in the year 2004 with WINISIS. But at present Open Source Library Management Software Koha (version 3.16.04 on Ubuntu 12.04 customised by the Bengal Library Association) is in use. Total 27588 books have been recorded in the database.

5) Barcoding of books is in process.

6) Online access to the library catalogue is available.

7) Internet facility is available for the users in the Central Library.

8) Reading room facility is available for the users. In the Central library there is a large reading room which can accommodate more than 70 students at a time.

9) Even the out going students get the library facility upto their University final examination.

10) The Casual students can also avail of the library facility.

11) Needy students can avail of the long term loan facility from the UGC Book Bank.

12) A few periodicals which can help the students in their career advancement as well as make them aware of the current affairs are procured by the library.

13) The library is a member of UGC N-List Consortium.


Inadequacy of space, infrastructure and manpower are the main barriers to the library for expansion and modernization. Still the library aspires to look forward and to be a fully computerized library in future.

Library working hours:

Monday to Friday from 6-15 a.m. to 11-30 a.m.

Saturday from 6-15 a.m. to 9-30 a.m.

Library Committee:

Chairperson – Prof. Runa Biswas, Principal

Convener – Smt. Bhaswati Chatterjee, Librarian

Joint Convener – Prof. Sonali Chakraborty

Member – Prof. Sipra Roy

Member – Sri S. S. Jana


Library Staff:

Smt. Bhaswati Chatterjee (M.A. + M.L.I.S.) (Gold medalist) —Librarian

Sri Shasankha Shekhar Jana (M.L.I.S.) —Library technical staff

Sri Pushpendu Mondal (B.L.I.S.) —Library technical staff

Sri Arobinda Samanta —Library L.S.

Sri Bishwajit pattanayak (Cert. in L.I.S.) —Library L.S.

Sri Shubhajit Jana —Library L.S.

Sri Sourav Bhattacharya —Library L.S.