Guidance & Counselling

The college has a center to guide and counsel the students.

Campus awarness

Sub-commitee for the Campus Awarness was formed on December 2004 with the intention to acquiant the students about the college. Meetings are arranged regularly and students’ feedback is discussed for redressal and solution of their grievance and problems. The sub-commitee has the basic responsiblity to ensure discipline in the college and accordingly the students are motivated to thet end.

Feedback from the students

Feedback from outgoing students are obtained annually. Feedback forms are cerculated covering various aspect like quality of teaching, regularity of classes, roon facilities and so on. The forms are subsequently analysed so that corrective measure can be taken.

Career Counselling and Personality Development

The College organised a regular programmeof Career Counselling and Personality Development. The objective of the programme is to bring out inner potentialities of the student which helps them to adjust with novel situations of life and to take part in different career avenues.

Psychological Counselling

The College offers psychological counselling to the students and a qualified counsellor visits the College on weekly basis. The service has commenced on and from September 2015 and students have repeated the visit as they were benefited through such counselling. Students come with stress related problems, lack of concentration and family problems.  Confidentiality is maintained and the counsellor does not divulge the information to anybody unless it becomes necessary for her subsequent treatment.