The Principal invites the willing co-operation of students and their guardians in the creation and maintenance of an atmosphere conducive to study and cultural development and in upholding the great tradition of the institution.

Admission in every case implies an undertaking on the part of the student to conform willingly to the rules and discipline of the college.

1. Students are expected to treat the members of the staff of all categories and their fellow students with courtesy both within the campus and outside.

2. When assembled, every student of the class must consider herself responsible for maintaining academic atmosphere of this class-room

3. Students are expected to be in their place when the bell rings at the commencement of every period. They are not to enter or leave the class without permission of the teacher.

4. Students should not loiter and indulge in noisy and disorderly conduct in the college yard or corridor.

5. When a teacher is absent or is otherwise unable to take class, students will maintain strict order among themselves so as not to disturb the adjoining classes.

6. The reputation of the College depends mainly on the discipline of the students. Gross misconduct or breach of discipline by any student will be reported to her guardian and may entail expulsion from the college.

7. If a student is continuously absenting herself from attending lectures for a considerable length of time or her attendance is very irregular, such absence or irregularity will be reported if she fails to account for it satisfactorily.

8. If any student is absent from her classes for more than 15 consecutive days without information, her name may be deleted from the Register without any notice.

9. Copying or taking unfair means in examination- hall or exercising impersonation at roll call will be considered as gross misconduct and be severely dealt with.

10. Noisy or disorderly conduct inside the college and repeated breaches of rules regarding the use of the Common Room, Laboratory, Museum and Library and misuse of the college premises or college property, damaging or defacing, are serious offences.

11. Use of cell phones in class-rooms and corridors of the college is strictly prohibited. Any student violating this prohibition shall face stringent disciplinary measure.

12. If any college property is damaged while a class is in progress the loss may be recovered by a fine imposed upon the whole class, if the student or the student responsible for such damages can not be identified.

13. Students should not enter the staff room without permission.

14. Gross misconduct or breach of college discipline will be punished with immediate suspension or expulsion.