“It is the aim of the college to promote the cause of education in the highest and widest sense to make education, comprehending the training of the mind, heart and body, founded on a theistic basis conducive to good of man and glory of God.”


Sivanath Sastri College owes its origin to the City College, Calcutta, which is one of the oldest first- grade colleges in Bengal. The City College was founded in the year 1879 by a band of patriotic and dedicated workers headed by Late Ananda Mohan Bose, It has a long record of brilliant results and this claim is evident from its alumni crowded by many great and noble daughters of Bengal.

The Commerce Dept. of the College was inaugurated in 1939 and South Calcutta Branch of the Commerce Dept. started in 1946 as an emergency measure to provide facilities to South Calcutta students. The morning classes for women were started in South Calcutta Branch in 1955. This unit named after the hallowed memory of Late Pandit Sivanath Sastri, an illustrious son of Bengal, was separately affiliated in 1961 to the Calcutta University. Since then the College has had no occasion to look back. Expansion in all branches of its activities took place steadily and regularly. New subjects were introduced and many of them with Honours teaching affiliations. Soon the reputation of the institution spread far and wide with long and sustained record.

During the brief period of 50 years, this Women’s Branch has been catering immensely to the growing needs of the women students, many of whom might otherwise have been deprived of higher education.

Besides imparting instruction in the humanities and a few science subjects it has arrangements for full-fledge commerce education up to the Degree standard. The success of all the arrangements has been amply borne out by the long and sustained record to brilliant achievements of the students if the College in all University Examinations. The college is now a government aided educational institution.


Sivanath Sastri (as spelled by himself, but also spelled as Shibnath Shastri, Shib Nath Shastri, Shibanath Shastri, Shivanath Shastri) (1847-1919) was a scholar, religious reformer, educator, writer and historian. He played an active role in the society of his times and kept a wonderful record of events but for which it would have been difficult to know and understand his turbulent age. His views have, occasionally, been criticized. He was not merely a detached historian but also an active participant of the age. The college is christened in his name because of his momentous contribution towards the enlightenment of the women in Bengal. His pioneering contribution towards the widening of social awareness of the women has formed the very foundation of the college. The College cherishes his contribution to that end by promoting education to women belonging to different segments of society.